I Choose, Part 1: Purpose Over Popularity

published 3 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

We are the result of our decisions. While we agonize over little things like what to wear and what to eat, are we glossing over the big choices? There might be more on the line than you thought when you say “I Choose.”

Good evening. But make it started for you. I'm thinking about getting the approval of others should attempt. I have excellent choice comes with 2000 faces like. And for you Matt I'm also have the approval of others but on a bigger much nicer. NCLEX upon the courts to popularity specials one with comparison and one without. I get that started for you and also bring out a basket of selfie sticks yes lead. Well I welcome all of our churches today a winner especially welcome our open network churches before we dive in the day I think it's only appropriate that we take a moment to give honor to our savior Jesus on this weekend as we celebrate over 1500 people being brought up because the old is gone then ...

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