The Last Four, Part 4: Proverbs 28:14

published 3 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

In this series, Pastor Craig Groeschel unpacks four of his favorite verses—powerful passages from Psalms and Proverbs. Great for small groups or a teaching session, these short videos let you take a closer look at these well-known verses.

Was great to have you with us today I am Greg Rochelle pastor of my church and I want to just tell you thank you for. Giving them 10 or 15 minutes your day to us if you're listening or watching. what you're doing is you're actually where there would normally be are we can teaching. And that as of next week the normal weekend messages will be back. Start a brand new message series next week it's called I choose. And we'll talk about 4 big choices. We'll talk about choosing purpose over popularity on my gosh can't wait to talk about that we're gonna talk about discipline over regret I choose discipline over a retro all gonna have pain in life and you can either have the pain of discipline or you will have the pain of regret we're gonna choose surrender over control any control freaks out there I am I have to constantly. System which you surrender over control and then there are so many urgent things grabbing for our attention over over over again is so ...

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