I Choose, Part 3: Discipline Over Regret

published 3 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

We are the result of our decisions. While we agonize over little things like what to wear and what to eat, are we glossing over the big choices? There might be more on the line than you thought when you say “I Choose.”

Bob can you tell us more about the flattened marriage it's full of regrets incomes rested on the bed of a path boiled excuses and unfinished to do. I don't have. It's our and. Congratulations how many years. No idea we can't remember how about dessert on the house. Tonight selection is a low motivation. Well that's our favorite. Let me get that order going. 2 years of neglect. I am really glad to have all of you with us that although life churches are open network churches our family all of the world church online if you're just now joining us we are in part 3 of the 4 part messes series called I choose I choose what we're doing is we're looking at for a big choices that we're intentionally employ ...

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