Bad Advice, Part 4: How to Be Dissatisfied

published 3 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

“How did I end up here?” Behind every mess of harmful habits and rough relationships, we can look back and see where we got on the wrong track. Let’s untangle our lives by learning how to avoid Bad Advice.

Nquire life church one church meeting in multiple locations in reaching around the world with the help of church online if you have any questions or you'd like to learn more about us as a church you can always check us out online simply by going to Coming up today we conclude our message with senior pastor Craig where shall I see shows us how we're living our life may be the reason for dissatisfaction. It points us to the one who promises eternal satisfaction. In part for the message bad advice. Let me get a show of hands of all of our churches are how many of you would say that if you had a little more money that would bring some relief make life easier or perhaps better raise up your hand as we have while Beyonce Beyonce like give you $10000 now would you be happy yeah go raise a fuss and right absolutely of course almost everybody was saying a little more money would make life easier or better just like when I was growing ...

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