Love, Part 1: The One You Love

published 6 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

When was the last time you felt truly loved? We were created to desire this mysterious emotion but no one knows how to give or receive it perfectly. Find out what it looks like to have real Love.

They live church welcome to day to all of our churches our network churches as well those if you in countries all over the world at church on line you're in for an amazing treat before I introduce to you our guest speaker I want to tell you 2 weeks from now we're starting the long anticipated series of the year everybody loves out the movies I would encourage you to think about who you can bring that normally wouldn't come to church to be in short 2 weeks from now as we take popular movies and pull spiritual truths started 2 weeks from now at the movies today though I would introduce to you one of my very very close friends ...

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