Maker of Miracles, Part 1: Christine Caine - Maker of Miracles

published 6 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

No one knows more about something than its creator. We see this with mothers and children, architects and buildings, and painters and their art. But is it true for miracles too? Let’s discover what we can learn from the Maker of Miracles.

Uhhuh hope you had a great Christmas and happy new years a bit in advance as we look forward to 2014 I wanna share a few things with you. First our whole staff is going to fast again this year for 21 days. Each year we take the first 21 days of the year and we deny ourselves some type of physical food. So spiritually we can feed on a heavenly food. See god passionately together to stop. And like I'm always blast when men if you want to join with us. Fasting for 21 days to seek god in a very special way in the first of the year. Also every year for the past idol of 15 years or so I've read through the Bible from front to back and this year I'm inviting you to join with me and thousands of other people around the world to read through the Bible together on the U. version Bible out. A campus pastor can tell you more about how to do that and ...

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