Fight, Part 1: Fight

published 6 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

What would you do if someone threatened your marriage, your family, and the state of your heart? Every day, the things we love most are being attacked and we don’t recognize it. It’s time take a stand–it’s time to Fight.

We're going to learn to fly noses to fight like mydoom but despite like men of dawn because I believe that every single one of your lives there are certain battles you must one. You must win. You must. Them. Decisively. They welcome today to all of you at all of our life search locations and those of our partner in networked churches all over the world we are so thankful for you were also very glad to help those of you joining us from countries all over the world right now at church online what we're here for you and we're very excited to have you worshipping with us but let me tell you what we're gonna do next week next week we're starting a 4 part series called necessary serums. Now a lot of people like what the world's unnecessary Sam well all assume is wrong but so many to ...

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