Just Getting Started, Part 1: Just Getting Started

published 7 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

It’s no accident that we were created for this time and place in history. God wants to do big things through us in the here and now. Let’s learn about the specific part we get to play, because God’s Just Getting Started.

Well happy new year to all of you appraise you had the mazing Christmas and you're full of faith as you step in 2016 let me remind you next weekend is very special to all of our life church locations were celebrating the 20 year anniversary of life church can be a massive amazing party and I'm so thankful for all of you in all that you do to leave people become fully devoted followers of Christ 2 weeks from now we're launching a brand new messes series which will align our hearts to god as we launch into 2016 is called dangerous prayers search me god break me god send me got his start in 2 weeks today if you can be very blessed by one of our best team members pastor Sam Roberts leaves all of our different campuses he's got an amazing message called get started to get started 2016 would you please welcome pastor Sam Roberts. Well welcome ...

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