Chasing Light, Part 2: Greed

published 5 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

Light brings clarity. It’s the catalyst for growth. It helps us find our way. Life simply can’t happen without light—and there’s nowhere it shines brighter than at its source. Get a better glimpse in Chasing Light.

Everybody's all our life churches is great to have you with us today and our network churches all over the world we love your pastors and we love every single one of you as well church online welcome to day we've got back a great guest speaker who was with us last week before we dive in to today's message going to tell you our next series is very very special to me is called I deserve it we're looking for gospel stories and see the people deserve something bad because god is good he didn't get what they deserve the thief on the cross deserve death but god gave him life Peter deserve to be counted out but god gave me a second chance Zaccheus deserve to be rejected by god through Jesus accepted him and the woman caught in adultery she deserves condemnation. But god gave her grace I can't wait to share this message series with the call I deserve it but today is my honor to welcome back to life church.TV pastor Pierre from ...

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