New, Part 1: Forever Changed

published 7 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

Transformation is in our DNA. We were created to grow, and the best kind of change leaves a permanent mark on our soul. Let’s learn together what it means to become New.

My life was so meaningless I search for anything that would give me purpose. Drinking may be still better. That only lead to more bad decisions and it cost me more than. Someone so. My friend took me to church one day. I'm permanently. Christ. They welcome the day to all of our life churches and all of our network churches and those of you joining us from all of the world. Church on line. Starting a brand new 3. Series. Called new today I'd like to ask all of you and all of our different churches how many of you at some point in your life or another you've been dissatisfied with your behavior you don't like the way you out ...

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