Chasing Light, Part 1: Pride

published 4 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

Light brings clarity. It’s the catalyst for growth. It helps us find our way. Life simply can’t happen without light—and there’s nowhere it shines brighter than at its source. Get a better glimpse in Chasing Light.

I welcome today to all of our life churches and our network churches and our family all over the world at church on line or to tell you about the next series I'm gonna to it's something I'm very very excited about the series title is called I deserve it and we're looking for different gospel stories when we see people that deserve something very bad. Because of the grace of Jesus he did not give them what they deserved just as you wouldn't give us what we deserve but we get grace we could hope we get power and we get love the next series of call I deserve it today though I want to introduce to you a very good pastor friend of mine a great man of god from Rochester New York he's actually from South Africa who moved to Rochester to take over the father's house church from 1999 up till now this church has exploded richer more than 6000 people at multiple locations the reason I wanted to hear from buster Pierre is because ...

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