Don’t lolly-gag around with that ultrasound probe during the pulse check!

published 3 years ago by Emergency Ultrasound Podcast

Why are you killing your patients with ultrasound? Ok, maybe you’re not killing them, but you might NOT be making things any better if you lolly-gag around with that ultrasound probe during the pulse check. How good are we at estimating 10 second pulse checks? How good are we at getting in and getting out with the probe during CPR pauses? Mallin and Mike Allison address this question and talk about Allison’s recent Resuscitation paper , it’s findings, and what it means for your next cardiac arrest patient. Wanna learn more about how not to kill you patients: Come to CaboFest Wanna learn how to joust with a linear probe: Come to Castlefest2018

So I first met Mike Allison at recess fast at Yellowstone last year and it's a phenomenal speaker very engaging very entertaining and I saw that he was one of the authors on this paper talked about using your ultrasound your T. T. E. R. trans thoracic ultrasound in your coding patients while you do yours. And I saw that it was him with the ultrasound with the code I got so excited about reading. Can't wait to see what he says. Is at all times that exception when you are using it in your coding patients. Enjoy when we're using TT use it appropriately be mindful of the amount of time because it seems like we're taking a lot longer than we think we're. Yeah ultrasound that's not an excuse to punish your patients with radiation it out there ultrasounds parts long ...

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