What Happened To This Car?

published 6 years ago by Neptune Studios

Here we explain how cars, roads, and huge buildings can sink into the ground during during earthquakes or blasting.

This podcast is brought to you by science alert the Facebook page that connects engages and inspire science enthusiasts worldwide follow us at Facebook.com slash science alert or science alert.com. Mmhm on 6/7/1692 the Jamaican city of port royal a notorious pirate haven sink into its own harbor this disaster or blessing depending on who you ask was caused by liquefaction of the ground following a major earthquake and we know what happened at exactly 11:43 AM thanks to a pocket watch that went down along with 2 thirds of the town and over 2000 people liquefaction happens when water logged loose soil wheat colored sand turns into quicksand temporarily if you look closely at Santa you'll realize that it's actually comprised of tons of tiny rocks and their roundness and roughly uniform size mean there's space between them they can get filled by water when we step on saturated sand at the water's edge it's fairly stable because the particles get pushed together and rest on each other while any excess water escapes ...

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