Should We Grow Human Organs In Pigs?

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An amazing new technology will let scientists grow new kidneys for patients using their own stem cells inside of pigs. To start using Tab for a Cause, go to: Thanks also to our supporters on ___________________________________________ FYI: We try to leave jargon out of our videos, but if you want to learn more about this topic, here are some keywords to get your googling started: Organ transplantation - surgically transferring an organ from one person into another. Xenotransplantation - transplanting organs between members of different species. Transplant rejection - when the organ recipient’s immune system destroys transplanted tissue. Pluripotent stem cells - embryonic cells that can give rise to all the different types of cells that make up the body. CRISPR - a genome editing tool that allows scientists to modify genes in living cells. ___________________________________________ Credits (and Twitter handles): Script Writers: Rachel Becker (@Ra_Becks) & David Goldenberg (@dgoldenberg) Script Editor: Emily Elert (@eelert) Video Illustrator: Qingyang Chen Video Director: Kate Yoshida (@KateYoshida) Video Narrator: Kate Yoshida (@KateYoshida) With Contributions From: Henry Reich, Alex Reich, Ever Salazar, Peter Reich, David Goldenberg Music by: Nathaniel Schroeder: _________________________________________ Like our videos? Subscribe to MinuteEarth on YouTube: Support us on Patreon: Also, say hello on: Facebook: Twitter: And find us on itunes: ___________________________________________ References: Ross, P. (2016). Personal Communication Tushla, L. (2015). When a Transplant Fails. National Kidney Foundation. Retrieved from Reardon, S. (2015) New life for pig-to-human transplants 527 (152-154). Retrieved from: Nagashima, H., Matsunari, H. (2016). Growing human organs in pigs - A dream or reality? Theriogenology 86 (422-426). Retrieved from 16)30095-4/pdf

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