Plate Tectonics Explained

published 6 years ago by Neptune Studios

How do plate tectonics REALLY work?

Idea that our planet's continents drift around the globe periodically climbing together and breaking apart is at least 200 years old but most geologists didn't believe it until the 19 sixties when mounting evidence made it clear that the earth's crust is broken up into fragments and that those fragments called tectonic plates are moving and these days we directly track that motion with millimeter precision from space. The common simplified explanation for why tectonic plates are moving is that they're carried along on currents in the upper mantle the slowly flowing layer of rock just below the earth's crust converging parents drive plates into each other diverging parents pulled them apart this is mostly true hot metal rock rises from the core and moves along under the crossed into it grows cool and heavy and 6 back down again but the plates are just passively writing these currents around like a bunch of suitcases at the baggage claim they can't be because some of the plates are moving faster than the currents underneath them for example the Nazca plate a chunk of ocean crossed off the west coast of South America is ...

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