Ocean Confetti!

published 7 years ago by Neptune Studios

Plastic trash in our oceans - it's probably not what you think.

This podcast is brought to you by science alert the Facebook page that connects engages and inspire science enthusiasts worldwide follow us at Facebook.com slash science alert or science alert.com. In many ways plastic is the perfect material we can make it strong and rigid enough to build spaceships and replace bones or thin and flexible enough to make shopping bags that way as much as cynical but carry up to kilograms and unlike other materials plastic doesn't rust or rocked it can last for centuries even when we only need it to last a few seconds we make tons of plastic precisely because it's cheap durable and yet expendable but the features of plastic that make it so useful to us have also transformed life in the oceans worse much as 10 percent of our discarded plastic millions of tons per year and some big pieces of plastic part definitely bad news for marine animals like whales albatross and sea turtles which risk getting tangled in the debris or ingesting large pieces of it despite the publicity about huge garbage patches in this most of the ...

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