The One That Got Away (Size Matters)

published 7 years ago by Neptune Studios

Find out why we have been fishing all wrong.

This podcast is brought to you by science alert the Facebook page that connects engages and inspire science enthusiasts worldwide follow us at slash science alert or science Anyone who goes fishing probably has a story about the 1 that got away it was this big don't you know yeah that was a bummer but it's actually quite important that big fish get away both for fish and fishermen for most of the species that we fish commercial and recreational fishermen are only allowed to keep individuals above a minimum legal size the idea behind these laws is to protect juvenile so they can grow big enough to reproduce at least once before becoming our dinner in theory that means there will always be enough fish for dinner tomorrow and ensuring dinner for tomorrow is important enough that the English parliament discussed protecting young that is small fish as early as 1376 and today it's a common regulation for fisheries worldwide except it doesn't really work first large individuals have the greatest number of successful offspring both be ...

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