MinuteEarth: The Story of Our Planet

published 7 years ago by Neptune Studios

Agriculture, hula hoops, SARS, and THIS video: how long did they take to get around the earth?

This podcast is brought to you by science alert the Facebook page that connects engages and inspire science enthusiasts worldwide follow us at Facebook.com slash science alert or science alert.com. As far as we know around 4500000000 years ago this rock that we live on coalesced from the dust and debris left over from the formation of our son without airplanes pizza delivery or the internet things move more slowly across the earlier than they do today for example from isolated puddles of water the oceans formed over the course of 400 to 800000000 years that's how long it would take for your hair to grow around the earth twice in that same time bacterial life did spread across the watery globe higher plants and animals on the other hand took much longer to develop and disperse but we're going to skip those 3000000000 years during which your hair would have gone to the moon and talk about us homo sapiens we were much faster than our own hair which would have grown a meager 27 kilometers in the 80000 years we took across Africa and reach all the on frozen ...

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