The Secret Social Life of Plants

published 6 years ago by Neptune Studios

How plants communicate with each other.

This podcast is brought to you by science alert the Facebook page that connects engages and inspire science enthusiasts worldwide follow us at slash science alert or science Mmhm the smell of freshly cut grass brings to mind summer vacation and picnics in the park pleasant associations at least for us for plans that seem sent is a harbinger of serious danger when a plant is injured say by the spinning blades of a lawn mower or a very hungry caterpillar pungent chemicals pour out of the wounds walked into the air and sticking our noses and also to the leaves and stems of nearby plants over many generations eavesdropping plants have evolved to interpret each different combination of compounds as the signature of a specific imminent threat dissent that corresponds to caterpillar for example prompts plants like tomato and tobacco to churn out bitter toxins in their leads making them yucky plants can actively communicate to some like corn and cotton can summon other animals as to ...

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