Cognitive Dysfunction in Depressed Patients

published 6 years ago by MGH Psychiatry Academy

Cognitive Dysfunction in Depressed Patients Andrew Nierenberg, MD

I don't have a good lunch. All right at a. I would make it outside to get a couple rays of sunshine. Try to do a little bit of vitamin D. recharging. Well thank you for participating with such great questions this morning we have a really interesting. afternoon planned for you we're gonna start with the anti Nuremberg just a moment either Naomi science can be coming in speaking about anxiety and then Christina Couzens going around out the afternoon with . Looking at pharmacological approaches for treating things I comorbid anxiety and depression so. were marching away through. persistent symptoms of depression and . I it's gives me great pleasure to actually introduce anti Nuremberg is going to be our next speaker he's gonna speaking on cognitive dysfunction in depressive disorders. And as many of you know Andy is. Is it fair to say the world's foremost expert bipolar ...

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