Anxiety and Depression: Pharmacological Approaches

published 7 years ago by MGH Psychiatry Academy

Anxiety and Depression: Pharmacological Approaches Cristina Cusin, MD

Whether on this side of the room. Alright welcome back. You are you guys ready for our. The final push here. We're gonna. Delve into part 2 of anxiety. . In the off chance you do have to leave I'm not remind you again about your clickers but I will offer that if you want to recycle the plastic part of her name badge you can leave it with us up front and we will use it for future courses. Are. So here we go I would like to introduce Dr Christina Cruisin who's going to be speaking on anxiety depression pharmacologic approaches doctor coups and is a staff psychiatrist within the depression clinical and research program here at mass general as well as an instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and she is going to be telling us all that Naomi with help from us. So she's. It's going to be providing the answers. Welcome ...

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