Art I: Medieval 500–1400

published 2 years ago by Rick Steves

In this lecture, Rick Steves describes how Europe pieces itself back together after Rome shatters into a thousand kingdoms in A.D. 500. Visit for more European travel information.

So this is 31 hour class is basically this first class and is going from. It's gonna go from the medieval period from 500 that's the fall of Rome until 1400 there's another class that is renaissance and baroque going from 1400 to 1800 and then the final class take this from the age of revolution right up to our crazy time I do want to stress that there are going to be no tests okay this is fun I'm gonna comp I'm gonna compromise the little bit on completeness and accuracy just to make it really simple saying get your brains around it were not scholars here were euro centric and we're talking about what really matters to your state city and we're gonna take the sweep and it's gonna be very practical the textbook for today's talk is Europe one no one this is the book we Britain after 20 ...

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