Joel Scambray, NCC Group - Paul's Security Weekly #514

published 2 years ago by Security Weekly

Widely recognized as Co-Author of the Hacking Exposed book series, Joel has worked/consulted for companies like Foundstone (co-founder), Microsoft, Amazon, Costco, Softcard, and Ernst & Young. Joel came on the show to talk about how he got started in security, the changes in vulnerability management, cloud security and IoT. Joel currently is a Technical Director at NCC Group. Full Show Notes: Subscribe to YouTube Channel: Security Weekly Website: Follow us on Twitter: @securityweekly

This week on sausage weekly sick inside joke don't worry about it touchy shoals Cambre is here with us from the NC group of our techs segment I'm going to tackle like falling on the sword Lin X. unix admin geek is gonna try to talk about how to disable SMP V. one in the environment if anyone wants to help me with that I will gladly accept help from people but I feel it's important so gonna cover it in the security news wordpress fixes some bugs end announces a bug bounty program. Of my little CV E. bot that each P. wireless mice and keyboards can be spoofed. A I suppose we should talk about wanna cry a little bit which makes me want to cry but anyway. Stealing voice prints. it and so much more. All that's under this episode of Paul security weekly ...

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