Startup Security Weekly #19 - News

published 4 years ago by Security Weekly

In this week's news, we chat promising equity against issuing equity, why someone burned $10 million so you don't have to, and ask the age-old question: are you taking enough risks? Tune in to this week’s Startup News! Full Show Notes: Take the Security Weekly Survey: Visit for all the latest episodes!

The. Cool welcome back everyone to start up security weekly I've of course bossa Dorian joined by Michael Santarcangelo now where Anya sandals today how my go barefoot bay beach is not going outside who. It's cold and wet and I liked it it's on hold and you still don't have shoes like when it's cold here we were like 6 oxen Indiana's inside because. Still cold. I just don't like it then one of my kids is like. My wife is is that you. You put your. Is good sees that it's fine moons back a loser but. Gonna not gonna leave. Did it zone where you're at episode 19 this is awesome it is awesome. When we got some great stuff planned to. I'm excited that's the thing I'm getting excited about you know it's it's like that. It's it's very matter doing a show about startups running it like a start up in ...

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