Security Weekly #461 - Jeff's Round Table

published 4 years ago by Security Weekly

This week Jeff comes on the show and hosts Jeff's Round Table. He talks about Google Play Music, Jedi Conference, vulnerability management venders, and integrations into asset discovery. All that and more, here on Security Weekly!

This is purely we keep production this week on security weekly Jeff man joins me in studio to lead a round table discussion which that you I don't know what we're gonna talk about but it's going to be interesting so make sure you stay tuned for that in the stories of for this week we've got lots of fun stuff including security lessons from. C. 3 PO the former CEO so of the millennium falcon. All that and more so stay tuned there's a theme emerging. NMRA casting live from G. unit studios in Rhode Island it's to show where exploits run wild packets on the only things getting sniffed then the cocktails flew steady. It's Paul security weekly ...

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