Moses Hernandez, Cisco Systems - Paul's Security Weekly #520

published 3 years ago by Security Weekly

Moses returns to the show to discuss his background in technology and security (which is eerily similar to Paul's!). The crew then got into a deep discussion of the history of many different technologies (Solaris Firewalls, IDS, Java and more!). Moses talked at length about serialization bugs in both PHP and Java. Then we dove right into JavaScript. It was a nerdfest, not to be missed! Full Show Notes: Subscribe to YouTube Channel: Security Weekly Website: Follow us on Twitter: @securityweekly

This week Moses Hernandez of Cisco Systems joins us again this time for a full featured interview that's not to be missed all mocking guy from javelin networks join us for this week's technical segment admin haunting and methods of credential theft for high privilege accounts continuing the pony edge against windows active directory because they're just not happy until every windows admin on the planet has broken down into tears. In the news this week are you hacker just paranoid FedEx suffers a malware pet yeah attack. Jailbreaking is dead I owe to you hacking pays and the most outlandish opinionated controversial article we've ever covered on the show all that and more on this episode of Paul security weekly. This is security weekly for security professionals by security professionals. Broadcasting live ...

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