Branden Williams - Paul's Security Weekly #515

published 2 years ago by Security Weekly

Dr. Branden R. Williams has twenty years of experience in business, technology, and information security as a consultant, leader, and an executive. Branden has world for well known Information Security companies as well as founded two. He's an author, blogger, pilot, and lover of bourbon. Full Show Notes: Subscribe to YouTube Channel: Security Weekly Website: Follow us on Twitter: @securityweekly

This week Dr Brandon Williams joins us on the show. I am told he is an author of blogger a pilot in a lover of Bourbon in for that last part we thought we'd get along with pregnant so we decide to have months show our technical segment come from our friends at the javelin networks they're gonna talk about how to compromise happens active directory is vulnerable will get some technical aspects of active directory from our fine friends javelin networks. in the news this week. Gravity skin is a wordpress site scanner of police big swoop in and the gang that planted a Trojan on 1000000 phones vessel a Lotta. Plastic. Condoms gonna phones up read somewhere the internet of things a how to avoid damage from insider threats. a wearable codecs ...

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