News - Startup Security Weekly #38

published 2 years ago by Security Weekly

Why your startup doesn’t necessarily need early stage funding, Cisco acquires Viptela, the risks of startup debt, and why do chefs and soldiers make the best product managers? Full Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!

IT pro TV and easy entertaining approach stuff online IT training taxes over 2000 hours of up to date high quality video content live and on demand for free 7 day trial in 30 percent off the lifetime of your account visit IT prodotti V. forward slash start up security and use the code SS 30. Welcome back everyone to start up security weekly I'm better now I have Bourbon in my security week that are wholly can see that security weekly. Shot glass which I like that nobody else has but us right now this is. It it says no more. The plan I believe. so this is mine no more secrets. Security weekly. Shot glasses red on the inside and there's Bourbon also on the inside well it wouldn't be sock glass if it didn't have that ascetical right so hopefully that. It will make me not miss announcements. And stuff. Who. Odd so these will debut ...

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