Security Weekly #447 - Interview with Chris Domas

published 5 years ago by Security Weekly

This week we interview Chris Domas. Chris is a researcher interested in reverse engineering and exploitation. He joins us to talk about visualizing binaries, accessing ring -2 and making reversers sad.

21. This week we have you Chris dullness in the security news for this week we gonna talk about work press vulnerabilities go figure and some adobe acrobat folder Pylades go figure all that and more so stay tuned. Broadcasting live room G. unit studios in Rhode Island the show where exploits run wild. Tickets are the only things getting sniffed. Systems are the only things getting penetrated. Functions are the only things good wrapped and bits are the only things getting bank. And he's cocktails. Their mighty tasty. The prosecutor weekly. Black hills information security the leaders of penetration testing an act that. Email consulting at black heels to request a quote today. Nets Parker the developers of the only false positive free web application ...

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