24. Private Browsing

published 3 years ago by MacMost.com

The Private Window feature in Safari is handy, but perhaps not for the reasons you think. It does not really provide any security or hide your browsing activity from your ISP or work IT department.

So one security thing you may be interested. His idea of private browsing. Here I am in safari content to start a new window which creates a new browser window. Also great this thing called a new private window. Private sounds like an **** do something with security at sound like by using a private window spring one up that I'm more secure if I browse through things here but that's not really the case it's not a private window it's it's useful but maybe not for what you think it is. So for instance like say here in this window in. Safari on log in to Twitter I've got lots of things going on have got cookie saved about that I'm logged into Twitter what IDM using I've got a history that I can go back to and if I quit safari come back in my history is still be there. I'm so there's also to information that's stored about my browsing session is what it's called up that's going ...

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