May 16, 2017 - Hack Naked News #125

published 2 years ago by Security Weekly

Netflix blocks rooted devices, HP laptops are logging your keystrokes, Google Chrome is vulnerable, and more. Jason Wood of Paladin Security joins us to discuss a global tech support scheme on this episode of Hack Naked News! Full Show Notes: Visit to get all the latest episodes!

This week DocuSign fishing net Flix DRM cracking down on tech support scammers chrome vulnerabilities. Securing your cock pit hacking your car is easier than ever before end wifi radar Jason would joins us for our expert commentary on 7 men charged as part of operation tech trap. Led by the F. T. C. in the global tech support. Scamming you think they could accomplish a better name all that and more on this episode of hackneyed good news. This is security weekly for security professionals by security professionals. Broadcasting live from G. unit studios in Rhode Island it's the show the brings you the security news each week that despite popular belief we do wear pants its packaging ...

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