Drunken Security News - Episode 340

published 7 years ago by Security Weekly

All things Black Hat, DefCon. Making $15,000 to $20,000 per hour. Hijacking a Prius. Vulnerable printers. More SCADA hacking. Hacking toilets.

De and we're back just out what stories for this week. Let's start by talking about black cat and. Deaf culture yeah I no John they'd only with the black cat. Basically I mean really what it comes down to a job we really just went to black out training. Yeah and where we're getting old and we're getting lame but we're both okay with that I think we both agreed this last time around we're going to go to def con next year. Are you really OB I mean yeah I do if you go to death it's been what 4 years at that point I think I have found your current every 4 year def con. Yeah I'm the foyer at def con kind of guy. Larry's laughing you'd like that long undercover. Yeah it does Larry managed to pull off a 12 month you have you have to watch the def con 20 documentary by. We do the documentary ...

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