March 28, 2017 - Hack Naked News #117

published 3 years ago by Security Weekly

LastPass fixes vulnerabilities, Instagram adds 2FA, scammers target iOS porn viewers, and more. Israel Barak of Cybereason joins us to deliver expert commentary. Stay tuned! Full Show Notes: Visit to get all the latest episodes!

This week finding bugs in LastPass while in the shower I. G. gets a long overdue security feature malware trying to be stealthy to rip apart your network sharing is caring on docstoc com ashamed to click a porn link crime that pays until you get arrested and attacking critical infrastructure Israel Barak joins us to talk about unifying industrial control system security operations into an enterprise suck all that and more on this edition of hackneyed news. This is security weekly for security professionals by security professionals. Broadcasting live from G. unit studios in Rhode Island it's the show that brings you the security news each week and despite popular belief we do wear pants attack make it to ...

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