Episode 427: Stories of the Week

published 4 years ago by Security Weekly

This week for stories, we discuss authentication bypass in Siemens SICAM MIC, Adobe patches yet another zero-day, and are you ready for forced automatic updates? We are looking at you, Microsoft.

All welcome back everyone to security weekly this segment is brought to you by black hills information security the leaders and penetration testing and active defense. Email consulting a black hills infosec.com to request a quote today. And by tenable that work security the creators of Nessa's the world's best vulnerability scanner jumpstart your security program today to evaluate security center see Viv feed continuous monitoring solution visit terrible.com for more information. Larry's teaching sans wireless 617 that ethical wireless ethical hacking defense. Commit Los Vegas. Nevada September 14 through the night put nineteenth and lots more places would be certain to check out a sales website. The Sith website even not just a fan website like these said you want to go to the other standout drugs addicts in the movie she. Go to the citizens who have ...

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