Melomel – Meads and Fruit with Michael Fairbrother – BeerSmith Podcast #119

published 4 years ago by Brad Smith and Friends

Michael Fairbrother, award winning mead maker and CEO of Moonlight Meadery joins me this week to discuss making fruit meads and melomels.  Michael uses fruit in many of his top selling meads and has a unique perspective on what fruits to use and how to get the best mead from fruit and honey! You can […]

This is beer Smith episode number 119 it's late January 2016. This week Michael Fairbrother joins me from moonlight meter to talk about making great needs with fruit. Happy new year everyone sometime this month we're gonna pass at 2.5000000 total downloads from beers with podcast today so I thank you for that I appreciate its fair way beyond anything I ever imagine. I want to say thanks again for listening. after some hardware hardware glitches on the last episode I upgraded the video system the full HD so if everything goes well this episode will be in HD video. for the first time on my you tube channel at slash Mister beer Smith. As well as on the blog at slash blog and on I tunes you could find the video version of I tunes as well. I thank you to this week's sponsor craft beer and brewing magazines you get 6 amazing issues each year packed with information for brewers and beer fans are offering a new discount code now which gives you 50 ...

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