Cavuto: Saying goodbye to Jerry Lewis

published 2 years ago by FOX News Channel

Genius of comedy could be serious

By now you have heard the news comic legend Jerry Lewis is dead New York Daily News columnist David Hinckley cold in a slapstick genius but also and I quote here and attentive and demanding businessman who knew the nuts and bolts of his business. That was the guy who fascinated made the comment to cut to the chase and over the many years we chatted on this very show cut through the day's headlines as well like way back in 2003 defending then President Bush from critics Lewis said simply went too far and a hapless United Nations that never seem to go far enough now see if you can find any modern day parallels here. If we could get a get rid of the U. end he would have a lot less trouble in the world okay you might be right I'll tell you about the UN is long because we give them. Diplomatic whatever you call it. So that they can park anywhere. And a guy can knock off somebody and because he's got diplomatic ...

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