"Ocean Requiem"

published 12 years ago by DiveFilm

Howard and Michele Hall are among the top underwater imagers in the world today. As Howard Hall Productions, they have produced numerous award-winning feature underwater films, series and television specials. They specialize in marine wildlife films, and have worked in IMAX, IMAX 3D, 35 mm, high definition video, and many other formats. Howard has received six cinematography Emmys for films produced for television. Michele has received one Emmy award. Howard holds a degree in zoology from San Diego State University. His interest in marine wildlife has led him to author numerous articles about marine life. He is a "Roving Editor" for International Wildlife Magazine and a Contributing Editor for Ocean Realm Magazine and Fathoms Magazine. Michele’s underwater photographs have been published in numerous books and magazines around the world. Within the underwater imaging community, Howard and Michele are inspirations to countless underwater filmmakers, and actively go out of their way to support the diving community. They have mentored and encouraged so many underwater imagers. And their contribution to ocean conservation and raising awareness about issues facing the ocean world is truly invaluable. For more information about their work and current projects, please visit their website, . We are honored to present "Ocean Requiem" as DiveFilm High Definition Podcast Episode 6.

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