AD #2173 – China’s Great Wall Wants Jeep, Mass. Tax on Autonomous Vehicles, Mercedes Unveils Stunning Concept

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- China’s Great Wall Confirms Interest in Jeep - Home Depot Signs Deal with Tesla - Delphi Backs Solid-State LiDAR - Massachusetts Taxes Autonomous Vehicles - Acura Reveals New Prototype Race Car - Mercedes-Maybach’s Stunning Pebble Beach Concept - Mercedes to Sponsor Video Game Tournaments

On today's show Chinese automaker great wall wants to buy a jeep. Acura reveals a new prototype race car. And legislate. Choose it introduce a bill. Cars. All that and more coming right up. Online do you. This is online daily to show dedicated to the global automotive industry. Big news today involving jeep Chinese automaker great wall publicly stated this morning that it's interested in buying G. the question is what FCA Celgene Sergio marshy on the C. E. O. of FCA has indicated an interest in spinning off jeep ram and Alfa Romeo with Maserati. But what do you do with what's left over here's what marshy own told analysts last month. We do ...

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