Documenta 14

published 3 years ago by Monocle

This contemporary art exhibition opened in Athens this year, as well as its home town of Kassel in Germany. It features artwork and performances from global artists about boundaries, displacement and the relationship between Greece and Germany.

Documents of 14 the contemporary art exhibition opened in Athens this year after artists were invited to exhibit invite castle and the Greek capital for the first time. They will also look at the synergy between the 2 countries and create for both occasions. Thought aficionados along with locals have been flocking to the outlets dotted around the city. The wet food cells slot controversial conversations and negative musings around the crypt jam in the nation and state of both nations. So why did it go to Athens in the fast lane. What is the director of the demands that brought it about driving that if the Germans had this in their mind that directly spoilage. I think he wanted to put documents which the country ...

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