Linux Action News 9

published 2 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

New data gives us insight into recent bold moves by Linux hardware vendors Tuxedo & System76, Endless OS takes big steps to get closer to upstream, Mycroft's first major public appearances goes hilariously bad & Mozilla's plans to tame IoT.

Hello and welcome the limits action news our weekly take on Lennox and the open source world this is episode night record on 7/9/2017 I'm Chris and I'm drug Joe there's many things did again to today but I thought we'd start with 1 that was relatively up lifting there's a new release and was so S. version 3.2 is out and the big news is it's rebates from gnome shell 3.8 to know shell 3.22 that's not much would jump as it. 3 to 8 though and believe is 4 years old joke that is a big important upgrade it if nothing else it is long overdue and they said that going for they intend to never have to relive this process again. Yeah they intend to hopefully replace frequently. Which seems like a very good plan to make ...

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