TSH 180: Mindie, Google 2.0, Tiiny

published 5 years ago

Sarah & guest host Shannon Morse chat with Mindie app CEO Gregoire Henrion about why videos are better with music, Apple says it's not doing social, Indiegogo's new "Forever Funding" options, what Google 2.0 will be, & more! Hosts: Sarah Lane and Shannon Morse Guest: Gregoire Henrion Download or subscribe to this show at . Bandwidth for The Social Hour is provided by Cachefly.

Coming up on this episode of the social hour do videos get better when you put music tracks on top of them and the founder and CEO of an app called Mindy is going to join us to talk a little bit more about his vision behind an app that does just that plus a lot of other social news coming up. Cool. From people you trust. And with for the social hours per. The A. C. A. T. F. L. Y.. This is the social. Is their land guest host Janet Morse. So 180 reported Thursday 9/18/2014. Hello everybody and welcome to another edition best social hour from twit world headquarters in Petaluma California I'm Sarah lane and I am joined in person by other than the lovely Shannon ...

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