APM Fundamentals Sample Lecture

published 4 years ago by Parallel Project Management Training

This is a samples lecture from the APM Fundamentals course from Parallel Project Training.    In this section we look at how we can manage uncertainty in the project.   What's Included In This Section? Define: Definition – project risk and risk management Project risk management process Use of risk register   Read our Guide to Project Management Qualifications and find out more about a formal qualification based on this podcast at .

So in this session we go look at risk management will water bill to a look of mismanagement but because we've we finish the plan would look to the cost of the resources look to the schedule but before we template the pampas worth considering wall what potential risk of all in the project. That's a look at the definition so the APM define a risk of the potential for an action or event to impact. Achievement. So I wouldn't be late to work if they have spent all poll quality. Welcome to realize the benefits. So what's risk management well mismanagement is another of these processes a bit like stakeholder management. Process that allows the individual risk elements on the rule risks the project be understood and managed in a proactive way. Optimizing the the the benefits from opportunities to minimizing threats. So ...

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