AP Fundamentals Case Study - Part 1

published 4 years ago by Parallel Project Management Training

This is the first part of the APM Fundamentals case study. You can follow Jayne as she manages to project, establishing roles and responsibilities and deals with the challenges along the way. Read our Guide to Project Management Qualifications and find out more information about a formal qualification based on this podcast at .

Jane was sitting at her desk on a Monday just talk to her project management course. She had once a lot but it didn't seem a bit daunting. How was she going to ensure that the new website got off the ground on time. She knew Zonk was quite eager to see it happen and as usual whatever he wanted he was going to have to get. She did want to try and do things by the book as in the post projects had been done in a fairly chaotic fashion. Her thoughts were disturbed by Kevin feeling team manager who stumbled out of the server room clutching a crumpled energy drink this he proceeded to work away after until the 2 humps came apart exposing a jagged metal edge. You look exhausted she said. Yep being here all weekend trying to get that data base working again third time this year it's crashed. It just isn't designed for these volumes never walls. I've been on the phone for analysts to the simple ...

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