Section 11.8 and 11.9 - Earned Value

published 6 years ago by Parallel Project Management Training

describe advantages and disadvantages of earned value management perform earned value calculations and interpret earned value data This podcast is just part of the Parallel learning system for the APM Qualifications in project management. This approach includes a wide range of learning resources including a printed study guide, on-line e-learning, a tutor lead study group and a wide range of project management courses

Welcome to a parallel projects training 8:00 PM project management qualification pot cost based on the APM body of knowledge sixth edition you should be using this in conjunction with our E. learning study guide and potentially a tutor let course for more information please visit WWW.parallel projects Hello welcome to know Apollo put it training polkas today we have pull neighbor jumbled jumbo then and we've got to one of the most gripping and exciting topics in the 8:00 PM pay. IBM put you might have. John's favorite topic Urla love the valley knowledge vice. Don't do it don't do it. I was not that do it now who gave him a because they know don't do it thought that because unless you're a maths genius LaMichael Foucault but 100 percent and it ...

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