MM 52: Liat Mordechay

published 4 years ago

We talk to 24me co-founder and CMO Liat Mordechay about 24me's journey from start-up to iTunes top app, managing work-life balance, and more. Guest: Liat Mordechay Hertanu Host: Tonya Hall Download or subscribe to this show at . Thanks to CacheFly for the bandwidth for this show. Sponsors: offer code: MM offer code MM415

Today on marketing Mavericks we talk to co founder and C. M. low of 20 for me leoch Mordecai about how do you go from started to top I tuned up in just a few months and how do you keep up the work life balance that and more coming up next or people you trust. Bandwidth for marketing Mavericks is provided by cash fly at C. a C. H. E. F. L. This episode of marking Mavericks is brought to you by square space where space is the easiest way to create beautiful website blog or online store for you and your ideas good and enter the code and. To get 10 percent. And by With over 52000000 high. Quality stock photos illustrations. That ...

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