APM Fundamentals Overview

published 4 years ago by Parallel Project Management Training

Parallel Project Training are proud to launch an on-line fundamentals of project management course based on the study guide written in partnership with the Association for Project Management. This course gives practical and effective advice on how to manage projects and is ideal for those who are new to thinner project management career. The course package includes The APM fundamentals study guide written by Parallel Project Training in partnership with the APM. Twenty bite-size video lectures presented by the authors of the APM fundamentals study guide. Eighteen reflection exercises in which you consider how to apply the principles to your projects. Twenty five podcasts which you can download and listen to as you travel.  Twenty four case study episodes in which you watch a new project manager apply the principles of project management to her first project.  One hundred and four sample multiple choice questions to check you progress with the course. A full sample exam paper. An on-line tutor support via our study group. The course is available with and without the online APM Project Fundamentals Exam. Parallel will be offering a £50 discount on the course for the first 3-months.  Read our Guide to Project Management Qualifications and find out more about a formal qualification based on this podcast at .

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