BTRFS is Toast | TechSNAP 331

published 3 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

We discuss just how hard, or not, responsible disclosure really is, share some sad news about the status of BTRFS on RHEL, a few more reasons to use ZFS. Then, we find out if our passwords have been cracked, reveal Dan’s password hashes live on air & more!

Coming up on this week's episode of text now. We find out just how hard. Or not responsible disclosure really is. Then we share some sad news about the state of but Arafat's on red hat enterprise Lennox and a few more reasons you should already be using. ZFS. Plus there's a handy new tool double what you find out if your passwords been cracked in maybe just maybe we reveal dance password hashes. On air you have to find out by watching this week's episode of text plus we've got your awesome feedback head of rock and round up and so much more. Welcome to text. Jupiter broadcasting's weekly systems network administration podcast. It is absurd 331 streamed live ...

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