AD #2164 – Mazda Cracks HCCI Code? Nissan Sells Global Battery Business, Chrysler Invests in Kids Only Ride-Sharing

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- Mazda Develops Compressed Ignition Gas Engine - Nissan Sells Global Battery Business - Faraday Working on New Plant in California - Long-Range Model 3 Battery Size - Has BMW Lost Its Way? - Genesis to Add Small Crossover - Chrysler Invests in Kids Only Ride-Sharing

On today's show monster claims it has an 8 CC I break through Nissan is getting out of the easy battery business and. As BMW jumped the shark on that more coming right up I'm online daily. This is our ally Daly the show dedicated to enthusiasts of the automotive industry. H. C. C. ire homogeneous charge compression ignition is a technology that makes a gasoline engine behave like a diesel it compresses the air fuel mixture intelligent nights. All major automakers have experimented with each CCI but haven't been able to make them run well outside of the laboratory but now Mazda says it has made a breakthrough and will come out with its own version called sky active acts. Mazda overcomes transient conditions by switching between compression and spark ignition ...

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