AD #2159 – Ford Takes Legal Action Against Geely, Mustang’s Good Neighbor Mode, Diesels Up Down Under

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- Ford Goes After Geely for Lynk and Co. - Honda Reports Quarterly Earnings - Mustang Gets New Quiet Exhaust Mode - Kia Asks Alexa to Help Sell Niro - Diesels Up Strong in Australia - Will Transmissions Get More Gears?

On today's show Lincoln takes legal action against Geely over the linking company name well transmissions with more than 10 years become common and Ford creates a new future for the Mustang. Owners from pissing off their neighbors. All that more coming right up. And delete. This is our ally Daly the show dedicated to enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Last year Chinese automaker Geely which owns volleyball created a new upscale luxury brand called linking company and pretty much all anyone talked about was how similar its name is to the Lincoln motor company. And it looks like the top brass at Ford also took notice. Bloomberg reports that the automakers taking legal action alleging Geely infringed on its trademark and the name will confuse customers. Last month ...

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