Leg Ulcers

published 7 years ago by Dr Ed Wallitt

A fantastic overview of all the different types of leg ulcers from Dr Sarah Michaels.

Hi my name's Sarah Michaels and I'm and if one at Kingston hospital. This is a put cost about Lagos's which you might find popping up in various whiskey stations like Dennis logy cardiovascular diabetes on your wallet G.. And of course there are some papers. So the objectives of this I am presentation is to look at the most common types of Lycos's that you're likely to encounter as adults up. I will say to become familiar with the differences in etiology appearance annals of the treatment of the most common types of Lycos's. So how on Tuesdays is willow cats would just do an introduction and cars categorize ation of Lycos's. They're going to be more detail about the etiology is about history that you might take from the patients. The examination of Lycos's and then investigations you'd once a day and then looking at general and specific management's. So just ...

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